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Toine Thys ORLANDO - Betterlands (CD Album)


The Franco-Belgian quartet ORLANDO is releasing a new album entitled "Betterlands".
Saxophonist Toine Thys is backed by Maxime Sanchez on piano, Florent Nisse on double bass and Teun Verbruggen on drums. 9 more tracks to add to the 10 from the previous album, which was awarded the Octave de la Musique in 2021.
Orlando is here in a new version, with a new drummer and music that is even more focused on playing together. Sound and space are explored here rather than cascades of notes and fireworks. Some tracks are serious and solemn, while others are full of hope and joy. Toine Thys also uses electronics to sample his saxophone over several tracks, a way of expanding the music into larger spaces.

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